Zdravets - Boston's Friendly Neighborhood Bulgarian Band

Dancing and Music from Bulgaria
& F.Y.R. Macedonia

We try for 2nd Saturdays, but can't always get them.
Dates that are NOT 2nd Saturdays are highlighted.

Dates for 2019-2020 are below.

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We invite you to our regular monthly dance parties,

September through June at:
Grace Episcopal Church
76 Eldredge St., Newton Corner, MA

8-11 pm
Admission $8
Map; Directions

DATES for 2019-2020: (as of 6/1/2019)

September 14
October 19* in Whately!
November 9
December 14
January 11, 2020

February 8
March 14
April 11
May 9

* On October 19, ZDRAVETS will be playing at the
Whately Barn Dance, info: www.whatelydancebarn.com

Except for October, these dances are ALL on Second Saturdays

Stay tuned for possible date changes.

To add your name to our e-mail “reminder” list,
contact us at 617/964-2003 or


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